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Album Review: Ringo Starr – Postcards from Paradise

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There’s no need to introduce the most famous drummer in the world. He’s seen everything, done everything he could want musically, and seems to be the only Beatle that has a sense of satisfaction and passiveness in his own musical output. What may come as a surprise to many is that new effort Postcards from Paradise in Ringo’s 18th solo album, and with it he shows us that he’s content to mosey on to a blues tune and create something for himself rather than anyone else.

Ringo Starr postcards from paradiseRory and The Hurricanes starts off the record with a jaunty and friendly feel, meant to ease you in with a smile on your face. What it misses in edge, it makes up for with simple lyrics from a time when bands were friendly and music was inoffensive. It’s a blast from the past and makes no apologies.

This is almost a theme of the album; mostly being led by the hand with blues riffs and simple rock and roll, the record creates an atmosphere of nostalgia and honesty. For the most it manages to get by like this, ambling its way through sounds of the past, but it can feel like its missing that certain something to kick it up a gear. Barboula manages to give off a different vibe to most tracks, but still creates nothing new, and as we have seen before and come to expect, Ringo’s lyrics aren’t the strongest.

On the other hand, with some styles of blues, you’re meant to turn your brain off to the lyrics and just let the music carry you along on a breeze. And that is exactly what some tracks on the record achieve. Island in the Sun is full of groove with a dreamy sax solo, whereas Confirmation’s Northern Soul edge is simple but effective, with some great backing vocals.

Postcards from Paradise is an album that Ringo has made for him and his friends. As always he seems happy in himself and it shows through the music. It’s not going to blow you away, but it will float you along on a breeze. With the Beatles great about to join his fellow band mates in the rock and roll hall of fame, this is a nice reminder of the man’s personality and charm.