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Album Review: Nevermen – Nevermen

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Three voices, three egos, and three geniuses; Nevermen don’t describe themselves as a supergroup, but consisting of Mike Patton, rapper Doseone and Tunde Adebimpe, one would be forgiven for disagreeing. Their latest self-titled album has been a work in progress for the last seven years and what the outfit have offered us here is a fusion of pop, rap, rock, and soul; a package complete with plenty of surprises.

Nevermen - NevermenDark Ear opens the record on a few interesting notes and a flurry of vocals; an explosive and exciting way to introduce the trio’s new collection. It’s hard to categorise tracks like Right Animal Wrong Trap with its various influences, but it’s the array of sounds that makes the song an enticing listen

There’s the eerie yet cinematic Tough Towns; this number being more experimental with its dark and atmospheric approach. Mr Mistake is more of a laid-back number and eases the seriousness of the record; the melody is all over the place but it’s fun, and the overall arrangement is so airy that it lightens the mood of the record as a whole.

Closing track Fame II The Wreckoning is mostly strings and vocals without the madness; a little unexpected to see the album out but it worked, a minimalist track was needed to break up the drama.

Nevermen really came together as one when putting out their self-titled debut; their chemistry is undeniable from beginning to end and not one track could be considered a filler. You’ll notice across the album that the need for a lead singer is absent as the three voices are seemingly whole. This album should bring three fan bases together in harmony. If Nevermen was a one-off release for the trio, then so be it, but this could be the beginning of something so much more.