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Single Review: Elton John – ‘Blue Wonderful’

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With the release of his new album Wonderful Crazy Night coming ever closer, Elton John is keeping the singles coming. Blue Wonderful stands as the third single from the album, and a deeper insight into what we can expect from the full package; needless to say, long-time fans should be happy.

Elton John Wonderful Crazy NightBlue Wonderful continues John’s trend of returning to his roots, presenting as a mid-tempo track full of the twang of both electric and acoustic guitars and the sound of piano. It’s not quite a ballad, but displays its sentimentality clearly in its prominent chorus—Every breath is a prayer of some kind / I breathe in I breathe out I just breathe / And you’re so well Blue Wonderful / Blue Wonderful to me—in a way that gives it the same effect. It acts as a nice counter to the more upbeat single Looking Up and the album’s title track Wonderful Crazy Night, still carrying heavily similarities but showing another familiar side that the album had been lacking thus far.

While it’s nothing new or amazing from Elton John, it retains the same consistent quality that spreads across all of his work. While it’s not as enjoyable as the song Wonderful Crazy Night, it sets a good standard for the album. Fans surely know what they’re in for with Wonderful Crazy Night, and if this is any indicator, they’re sure to enjoy every moment of it.