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Album Review: Melody Pool – Deep Dark Savage Heart

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Melody Pool is a young female country singer/songwriter who isn’t aiming to be another pop starlet. Coming from Kurri Kurri in NSW’s Hunter region of Australia, Pool’s independently released debut The Hurting Scene was a soft, dark look at heartache. The debut was heartfelt, open and added a folksy sound to a country background. Pool’s new album, is Deep Dark Savage Heart and the record follows the path started by The Hurting Scene and is as dark as the title suggests.

Melody Pool - Deep Dark Savage Heart

Deep Dark Savage Heart is the first track and album title. Pool’s voice is draws the listener in with a tender thoughtfulness. The guitars find a good mix between country and folk. A clear sound keeps the song from going too deep into darkness, but Pool’s voice is captivating.

Southern Nightshade is a slow track, almost like a funeral march. Pool’s voice has a maturity to it, and she shows she’s willing to try something different musically. Somehow Pool can write a dark song that is sweet and soft, something she does well.

A song with a more country sound, How Long has a power to it. There’s an almost poppy sound from this track, but it remains different. Pool can write a song that has its own sound. She sings “I’m not trivial”, and that seems to be a mantra for her music.

The closing number, Better Days, sounds like Pool is trying to remember the future. There’s a sorrowful sense of the past with a hope for brighter days. Pool is quite young, but the maturity in her voice and songwriting shows through in here.

Deep Dark Savage Heart is an album for fans of folk or country music; a mature, heartfelt album that will keep fans content and will no doubt pull in new listeners to her material.