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Album Review: Knife Party – Abandon Ship

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After almost two years of setbacks and delays Australian bass monsters Knife Party have finally delivered their debut album Abandon Ship and I must say it was definitely worth the wait. The duo consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen created this Pendulum side project back in 2011 and have since been rocking crowds all over the world with their hard hitting electro sound. Whilst fans are used to the duo’s heavy trademark basslines, Abandon Ship sees the pair mix things up by dabbling into new genres and trying new sounds however; it doesn’t always pay off.

Abandon Ship - Knife PartyThe album opens with Reconnect, a minute and a half build up of energetic noises filled with a heroic monologue that gets us ready for the odyssey that lays ahead. Wasting no time at all the album kicks into full gear with its first track Resistance. The explosive track has Knife Party written all over it, from its chronic build up to the epic drop that sounds like a bunch of lazers on steroids, this is Knife Party at their very best. The track also features Paul Hogan’s iconic quote from the film Crocodile Dundee ‘That’s not a knife’.

The first of many genre switches comes with Boss Mode, an Egyptian sounding mhoombaton track that is sure to be a big room killer, don’t be surprised if you hear this track being played multiple times in the upcoming festival season. EDM Trend Machine takes things down a notch with its tropical uplifting house vibes that is sure to be a dance floor favourite. The groovy house beat is a completely different style that you wouldn’t normally expect from these two bass heads however; you have to admit it sounds pretty damn good.

Its not long before the tempo is raised again this time with the hard hitting track 404. The heavy computer game sounding track is packed with jaw dropping bass that gets the pulse racing a little higher than usual. Begin Again is another track that sees the duo try a new sound which takes them out of their comfort zone however; this time it doesn’t pay off. Rob Swire delivers some incredibly cheesy vocals that are almost cringe worthy followed by what can only be describe as 80’s montage music.

That classic Knife Party sound explodes through the speakers for Give It Up, similar to their successful hit Bonfire the track distributes a heavy drop that you just know is going to send their sweaty crowds into complete mayhem. The surprises keep on coming with the disco influenced Superstar though I think its a surprise we could have gone without, its not that the song is bad I just feel its a sound that doesn’t really suit them.

The album finishes with the masterfully constructed track that is Kaleidoscope. A magical melody that sums up this aural journey which has moved through multiple genres to create one hell of a debut album. Credit must go to Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen for trying new sounds even though I think some tracks were a hit and miss there’s plenty of quality music on here to make you forget. Overall its an impressive album from two of Australia’s finest producers, Bravo Knife Party Bravo.