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Album Review: Jackson McLaren & The Triple Threat – Songs to Greet the Dawn

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Songs to Greet the Dawn is the long awaited debut full length album from Warrnambool raised singer-songwriter Jackson McLaren and his band The Triple Threat. After making a name for himself with a couple of EPs (Self-Titled, Mirrors and Strings), breakthrough singles (A Whole Day Nearer, Some of My Friends) and a renowned live show touring with the likes of Josh Pyke and Howie Day, McLaren has cemented his place in the music scene with Songs to Greet the Dawn.

Jackson McLaren and the Triple ThreatMcLaren evades genre stereotyping with his new album which proves difficult to put a label on. It’s a fine blend of country, roots, folk and alternative rock music, all with the genuine delivery and soul of a small town boy. McLaren’s influences shine through into his own style, conjuring resemblances to artists including Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Neil Young while keeping his strong musical independence.

The album begins with Gold Turns to Green, which is the last song McLaren wrote for the record and the perfect opening track to encapsulate his story-telling lyrical style. McLaren has described the track as being about a man recalling snapshots and different phases of his life, which is a fitting introduction to the album which makes reference to youth and growing up as it goes on.

McLaren & co’s folksy-rock presence is backed up by the next track Here’s A Memory, which gives the illusion of a performer much older than McLaren’s few years. With the maturity displayed in both his lyric writing and musical performance, you’d be forgiven for being oblivious to the fact that Jackson is only barely out of his teens!

As the album progresses, we’re taken on a journey of stories involving youth and chasing dreams, which parallels Jackson’s move away from Warrnambool into the big smoke of Melbourne as a young teenager.  We also receive references to growing up and moving on, with songs like In My Old Age and Farewell This House.

The final track is the album’s title track, in the melancholy and haunting Songs to Greet the Dawn. The song is a good choice as the finale, as it progresses from a slow moving tune to an uplifting and climactic finish.

Songs to Greet the Dawn is a lovely collection from Jackson McLaren & The Triple Threat, giving the world a taste of what they’re all about. The impressive, though somewhat brief at only 10-tracks-long record is sure to bring them a lot of success and new fans. The collection is a refreshing infusion of genres which results in an exciting record which sets McLaren and the band up for a promising future.

2 thoughts on “Album Review: Jackson McLaren & The Triple Threat – Songs to Greet the Dawn

  1. Thanks for the fantastic review Janelle. I am Jackson’s Mum and am very proud of my boy. He has worked very hard to release this album and l really hope that it gets the attention it deserves. Jackson is also a very humble and kind young man. Best wishes, Margy Jackson.

    1. You’re most welcome, Margy. Thank you for your comment, glad you liked the review. Jackson certainly has a bright future ahead of him :)

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