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Album Review: I Killed The Prom Queen – Beloved

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Belonging to the city of Adelaide, Australia, metal high-risers, I Killed The Prom Queen are preparing to release a sophisticated and mind-blaring new album, Beloved. It’s safe to say that the band themselves have broaden their horizons with their passion for the melodic metalcore, deathcore and metalcore genres. They take their reputation seriously as they are one of the most well-renowned bands in the metalcore scene of the Australian market of music. With their previous albums, Goodbye Means Forever… and Music for the Recently Deceased being both successfully placed in the Top 30 of the ARIA Albums Chart, fear not, Beloved will soon take its well-earned place as it will bring thirsty lovers of heavy music to their utmost satisfaction with superb clean vocals, thrash-wreckoning breakdowns and fierce-fighting electric guitar and drum rhythmic solos.

IKilledThePromeQueen-BelovedThe progression they’ve had in this album is impressive, variously trying out new ways in showcasing  their music and though this band have only reunited recently, it’s obvious that they have maintained their reputation by putting out something meaningful towards their music career. It’s obvious that they have had an affinity on becoming a heavy-stricken metalcore scene band and having achieved this, it has opened many doors for them as successfully benchmarking their progress, focusing more on their metal roots as well as experimenting the way they play sequential instrumentals that are hard-hitting and in-depth to their angst-driven emotions.

With a transcendent opener that is short but nonetheless sweet, Beginning of The End, caves in with well-crafted precision, paving way with the heaviest of breakdowns released by none other than Jamie Hope. As morbid and dark this track may be, the atmospheric vibes that are given by playing their instruments hounds to be a success as it introduces their talent, demonstrating that playing in a violent manner is actually socially and legally acceptable. To The Wolves has an epic, almost adrenaline rush pattern that escalates quite quickly, introducing yet another perfected breakdown by Hope with the fast progression of the instruments. It’s as if they are playing to an entire crowd of thrash-metal lovers that have the capabilities of doing whatever it takes to ensure that the death pit or circle pit will not be survived upon on anyone’s life, in a frighteningly good way.

Bright Enough introduces softly spoken clean vocals by Jona Weinhofen, again defying the odds and releasing a riff-enthusing track that showcases the talent of the metalcore band. Thirty One & Sevens provides the continuum of this sound enhancing and pinpointing to the world that they have made an epic comeback and are far too determined to step down, doing whatever it takes to travel on to the path of success.

As the record progresses, tracks such as Kjaerlighet and The Beaten Path have both been well-produced, desiring a cry of attention and need of releasing insanely amplified emotive feelings that take the latter of every aspect of life. Coincidence or not but the record itself was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Sweden is known for their Swedish Death Metal music and it’s evident enough that bands under this genre have obviously been a huge influence on the production and making of this album.

Being a groundbreaking band in the metalcore scene, I Killed The Prom Queen have risen from the graves, resurrecting with life-saving record, Beloved, leading up to the expectations of a perfectly well-crafted album that fits all the criteria made for the metal scene enthusiast.