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Album Review: Dirty Vegas – Photograph

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Grammy award winning Dirty Vegas have always been known for their infectious dance sound, and new album Photograph is no different. They’re one of those dance acts that crossed over into the mainstream due to their addictive sound, playful lyrics and feel good attitude, and their new record once again draws on these areas whilst also creating much more.

dirty vegas photographLet The Night leads you in, working well with clipped synths in the chorus that open the track up wide and give it substance. It cools and ebbs where necessary and is a real purists track, giving away little before hitting you hard.

Do What You Feel is probably the albums definitive summer track, heavy on the feel good with some sublime vocals featuring great emphasis on the deep tones. The track works its way into a lather before preparing for the chorus drop, which it does with reckless aplomb.

If you’re looking for something deeper, Madness is the song for you; focusing on gentle guitar and steady beats and snaps, the lyrics of turbulent times about being lost, lonely and in the need of salvation will hit hard: ‘I’m in troubled waters, I can’t find my way back home’.  Album-titled track Photograph must also be mentioned as a highlight, with a genius inclusion of echo-laden saxophone dripped through the song that works perfectly with the atmospheric style.

What makes Dirty Vegas so good is the way they do the simple things perfectly. This is something many other bands don’t get right, and their music suffers for it. Once you nail the basics, the rest should come easy, and that’s exactly what’s happened on Photograph. Dirty Vegas are a band in form, and this album deserves to do very well.