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Album Review: Charlie Puth – Voicenotes

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Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

After the global success of See You Again (with Wiz Khalifa), a debut album that was not that brilliant and multiple collaborations with other artists as a songwriter, Charlie Puth has finally released his sophomore album: Voicenotes.

The Way I Am opens up with some cliché lyrics “I’ma tell ’em all that you could either hate me or love me / But that’s just the way I am”, not the best of the starts for an album in which Charlie Puth tries to demonstrate his songwriting abilities. But hold on, he will do it later on.

Moving on, there’s LA Girls a track in which Charlie Puth regrets breaking up his past relationship after looking for someone else in LA “Listen, I don’t want this to be the way you remember me / ‘Cause I know I was wrong, wrong”.

In Voicenotes, Charlie Puth teams up with a bunch of artist as Kehlani, James Taylor, Boyz II Men. Highlights are If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men) a touching a cappella ballade and the piano driven Change (feat. James Taylor). Finally, Voicenotes closes with Through It All, a slow poignant piano ballade.

Overall Voicenotes is a personal album in which Charlie Puth speaks about his life and love experiences. Differently from his debut album, this time he is able to demonstrate his skills as a songwriter, something that he already showcased in the past while collaborating with artist as Liam Payne. Although there is a visible improvement from past releases, there are still some negative notes. For instance, sometimes the lyrics are a cliché as in The Way I Am.