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Album Review: Calum Scott – Only Human

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Photo: Frank Ockenfels / EMI Music

After reaching notoriety by participating at Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 and publishing few singles throughout the last two years, Calum Scott is finally ready to release his debut album Only Human.

The record opens with a slow love ballad If Our Love Is Wrong, characterised by personal and sentimental lyrics; and it then shifts tone with Give Me Something. This is an upbeat and energetic track that explodes during the chorus. Additionally, the simplicity and the repetitiveness of the lyrics make the song even more catchy and easy to remember.

Although most of the songs are connected together by the same theme about romantic affections, in Only You Calum Scott celebrates a friend who helped the singer during tough times when he was bullied and isolated from other kids when adolescent.

Only Human features two covers. Dancing On My Own is the song that made Calum Scott gain the Golden Buzz at Britain’s Got Talent, the love of many fans and at the same hard criticism. This slower version of Robyn’s song is extremely grateful and it perfectly represents the sorrow of the lyrics.

The second cover is an acoustic version of Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet, that Calum Scott uses as the closer of the album, but wish he didn’t. Aware of the comparison, the British singer smartly rearranged the song and made it more similar to his own style, making his voice the protagonist of the track. Although this is a well thought choice, Calum’s version of Not Dark Yet is so different that Dylan’s emotions, genius and sound are nearly swiped away.

Only Human is a decent debut album, nothing too special. Some tracks lack of spirit and suffocates among incessant repetitions. However, Calum Scott’s voice is incredibly wonderful.