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Album Review: Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats – Tearing At The Seams

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Photo: Caroline

Tearing At The Seams is the third studio album by Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats, a Denver based band created in 2013. Through this extremely personal record, Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats showcase their musical maturity and elegance.

Shoe Boot is the perfect opener, with its one minute and thirty seconds of instrumental intro it sets the mood for the entire album: music is the protagonist. Drum, horns, organ, guitar combine together to create a relaxed and somehow energetic atmosphere.

Right in the middle of Tearing At The Seams there’s Intro, the most energetic and fast track of the album characterised by an upbeat and light melody and a brilliant saxophone solo: a total banger. Following there’s Coolin’ Out, that although being a slower track it still maintains the same intensity and strength of Into, thanks to its dreamy female chorus. Chorus which gently features other songs as Shoe Boot and Babe I Know.

Lastly there is You Worry Me a glorious track with an intense and rhythmic piano line and classic smooth guitar riffs. In this song, Nathaniel Rateliff’s warm vocals are nearly lazy during the verses for then growing and becoming fierce and vigorous over the chorus. 

While listening to Tearing At The Seams you can probably picture yourself in a theatre seeing a musical or in a cozy music venue listening to some soul, folk rock, blues rock or Americana jams. Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats are able to deliver an uplifting solid album where each musician shines in all the tracks while being coordinated by Rateliff’s rich and emotional voice.