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Album Review: Bryan Adams – Get Up

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Multiplatinum recording artist Bryan Adams is back with his brand spanking new album Get Up, the singer’s thirteenth LP with nine brand new songs and featuring four acoustic versions. Elo frontman Jeff Lynne settled in on production duties and Adams called in his long-time songwriting collaborator Jim Vallance to churn out the tunes, so Get Up is already sounding like a decent album.

Bryan Adams - Get UpIn a modern music rock scene that sounds so, well, modernised, it’s refreshing to hear Bryan Adams continue to do what he has been renowned for, and that is to roll out the classic-sounding rock tunes; album openers You Belong To Me and Go Down Rockin’ are the best examples with a nod to 70s rock, but you could say That’s Rock And Roll was a little wearisome in pointing out literally what rock and roll is.

Single Brand New Day is a great mix of rock/pop making it ideal for radio, Adams’ gritty vocals and the contrasting bright arrangement are a perfect match. The acoustic versions also make for notable mentions, particularly the bitter sweet sounding rendition of We Did It All and even the toned down take on Brand New Day, but fans were probably anticipating an album with consistently new tracks.

Bryan Adams isn’t losing his touch as he approaches his fortieth year on the rock ‘n’ roll scene, Get Up is an album that can still be appreciated for its heart and nod to the past today. However, there were moments where you either wished the pace picked up or the album was more diverse in its sound, but if you’re a dedicated fan of Bryan Adams you’ll welcome Get Up with open arms.