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Album Review: Bianca Casady & the C.i.A – Oscar Hocks

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Oscar Hocks, by Bianca Casady & the C.i.A’s, is a melancholic amalgamation of sounds, wispy lyrics, and spoken word. This is the first solo album by Casady after performing alongside her sister in CocoRosie since 2003.

Bianca Casady and the CiA Oscar HocksOscar Hocks is an interesting study of sound; how you can manipulate it, push boundaries and make something entirely outside the box. While this works for Casady sometimes, it also doesn’t. In some tracks like Miracle of a Rose, there is an odd mix between classical instruments, electronic sounds, and an echoing lyric that don’t really jell. Or the track Left Shoe, which is half instrumental, half mismatched sounds. It’s these tracks that make some parts of the album less than enjoyable.

Casady’s voice is interesting and compelling, however, with this melancholic feel that is reminiscent of Martha Wainwright. The track Tumbleweed is where all the experimentation comes together for a hauntingly beautiful song that sounds like sadness. Casady is accompanied by a deeper voice that really brings this deep shadow to the song that is eerie and oddly satisfying.

Bianca Casady & the C.i.A’s album Oscar Hocks has a lot going on. The sound is much darker in comparison to her work with CocoRosie, and delves into the weird wonderland that is Bianca Casady’s world. While there are elements of Oscar Hocks I’m not too fond of, there were snippets scattered throughout where the sound of the album really came together. Oscar Hocks is an interesting study of sound with a few beautiful moments, but there are some really odd ones too.