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Album Review: Ash Grunwald – Now

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Ash Grunwald has had major accomplishments in the Australian music scene, with his impressive blues career spanning more than 12 years. And he’s out to prove that his still got the recipe for success with his 9th album Now. He’s a man that’s incredibly aware of the social issues plaguing us and makes a real impact when translating those to song.

Ash Grunwald - NowOpening Now is Rivers, a ballsy track with riffs that’ll have you hooked from the get go featuring a clever use of the warp pedal. It’s got a jazzy rhythm that’ll ultimately have you grooving which subtly disguises the fact that this is a public statement about our unravelling society. “Everybody lives downstream”, Grunwald croons over his rock hooks, reminding us that we’re all on the Earth together and it’s our responsibility to protect our climate. Another track on a similar wavelength is The Worst Crimes Are Legal (Revolution), which is a reference to the hypocrisy of our law. It’s a song that’s gone back to some of Grunwalds bluesy rock melodies amplified by an insane beat that could inspire a revolution.

On a lighter, less serious note is In the Middle a track best described as ‘swagger rock’ showcasing Grunwalds singing range with an assortment of deep notes and scat inspired vocals. It’s a song that details the moral dilemma of a booty call, but it’s done with such great rhythms and beats that it’ll having you grooving. Keeping on with theme of sex is Evening, a sexy but bluesy endeavour full of expressive vocals and rock riffs.

Now is an significant record for Ash Grunwald, he’s decided that now is the perfect time to marry his impressive musical talents with a strong message. It’s a well-rounded album full of personal tales and political views that resonate with you, it’ll have you thinking while you dance which is a pretty impressive feat.