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Album Review: Anastacia – Ultimate Collection

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With over 30 million records sold and a career spanning over 15 years Anastacia truly is an influential artist. Often referred to as ‘the little lady with the big voice’ it will never matter what genre the singer channels: her distinct voice is instantly recognisable and amazing. From pop to rock Anastacia has done it all and her latest instalment Ultimate Collection celebrates her incredible career to date.

Anastacia - Ultimate Collection

What better way to kick off the collection with her most substantial hit I’m Outta Love, the highest selling single of the year 2000; now this brings back memories and it will always be a timeless track! Also adding to the nostalgia is the ever so catchy Not That Kind and the powerfully emotional smash hit Left Outside Alone. The more recent Stupid Little Things is just as deserving with its catchiness and explosive chorus.

Having suffered from breast cancer, going through a divorce and of course being human, Anastacia’s songs have that personal touch; the impacting Welcome To My Truth was one of the most prominent tracks from her self-titled third album, but even more substantial was the heartbreaking Heavy On My Heart and it really showed us what the singer could do with that emotive voice of hers.

Also featured on the compilation is her rendition of the Foo Fighters’ hit Best Of You from her covers album It’s A Man’s World; while it doesn’t represent her absolute best work it demonstrated how she could make it her own. Supporting the release is her stunning cover of Christina Aguilera’s Army Of Me and the deep and meaningful new original track Take This Chance.

Tracks from the singer’s fourth album Heavy Rotation weren’t included on Ultimate Collection, but it makes sense as Anastacia herself would later regret the creative direction her label took with the album’s sound. All in all Ultimate Collection is one of the best ‘greatest hits’ compilations of the decade; Anastacia’s career has been a fruitful one and once again we get to celebrate the voice of a generation.