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Album Review: Amos Lee – Spirit

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Amos Lee is a high calibre song writer, musician and performer, even having toured with the likes of Norah Jones, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson and Adele. Spirit is the sixth studio album to be released by Amos Lee since his debut in 2005. It is his first self produced album and is released under John Varvatos Records/Republic Records. The album draws on Amos Lee’s affinity for R’nB, Pop, Folk and Rock, presented in an authentic and earnest way.

Amos Lee_SpiritHis soulful grooves are just what you need to hear while putting your feet up after a long working day. His lyrics are relatable and come from an honest place; when he sings the lyrics, you can empathise with his experiences. He wears his heart on his sleeve, revealing his more vulnerable side, but also provides a hopeful message making for an uplifting listen, as in the track One Lonely Light. In it he sings “Sometimes I get the feeling like I just ain’t a damn bit of good…”- haven’t we all felt that way!- “…you feel you’ve lost sight, you’ll be guided home by one lonely light.” Thank you for those words Amos Lee.

He stays true to his core warm acoustic folk sound throughout Spirit, but keeps it interesting by including the influence of a variety of genres. The feel good track, Running Out Of Time, has an infectious Gospel element to it. Lost Child and, the bonus track, New Day, have a vibrant funk/soul vibe. The first single Vaporise infuses some hip hop to the mix. The lilting rhythm, and blues sound of Don’t Leave Me will get you going! Highways and Clouds opens with an angelic choral sound swiftly and moves into an R’nB feel. He goes a little bit country in Lightly. There is something to delight everyone’s ears!

Overall the album has a laid back feel and Amos Lee’s smooth voice and emotive melodies make for a great easy listening session. Amos Lee’s new album Spirit will warmly embrace your spirit!