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Album Review: 3 Doors Down – Us And The Night

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They’ve contributed to 20 years of rock sound and have accumulated 5 successful studio records in that time, and now, 2016 sees the release of their 6th, Us And The Night. And while it’s been a long 5 year wait, 3 Doors Down are out to prove that they’ve still got what it takes.

3 Doors Down Us And The NightLeading us into the album is the toe tapping tune, The Broken, and while lyrically it’s aiming to pump up and ignite a certain passion, chanting, “This is the call to the broken, ‘stand up!’ … and take back the world today”. The entire track just feels watered down, there’s no oomph of solid rock riffs, and there’s no real energy behind it. While this could have been a killer opener, it just falls flat, and the rest of Us And The Night falls victim to a similar pattern with In The Dark, Living In Your Hell and Us And The Night following suit.

Where you’re revived is in the moments of difference, from the vibrant energy roaring in Still Alive and Love Is A Life with their thumping beats and electric shreds, to the toned down acoustics of Pieces Of Me. But overall Us And The Night just misses the mark. While there’s nothing necessarily bad or unpleasant about its content or delivery, there just isn’t anything new or exciting either. Each track falls into the rut of being entirely too similar, and from the thematic material to production, there’s just too much familiarity to discern from one track to the next. Each song upholds a lacklustre quality, like something was missed, leaving behind the foundations of a song that might have been great if only there was a notable spark. Unfortunately, on this one, 3 Doors Down get lost in the night, with no shining stars finding the spotlight.