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Single Review: Aeroplane – ‘Superstar’

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Newly restructured one piece dance act, Aeroplane, have recently released single number two, Superstar, to be taken from the forthcoming album release, We Can’t Fly.

AeroplaneSuperstarSuperstar is a piano-led follow up to previous single, We Can’t Fly, and introduces a large scale synthesizer backdrop and vocalist Vito De Luca’s coder vocals which open the memory banks taking you back to the early days of Air, with quite the same vibe that their iconic single, Sexy Boy, had.

The song is dosed with eighties synths and a range of electronic special effects. The beat is quite meaty and the sound is full but again the track lacks that special something to allow it to infect the mind and make you want to hit the play button a second time and at a pitiful two minutes, Superstar proves to be quite the let down. Like the previous single, justice only comes in the form of the Chromeo and The Kray’s lengthier remixed versions for the physical copy buying fans.

Aeroplane’s debut single, We Can’t Fly, didn’t really hit the spot and failed to produce any substance that allows a single to breathe its way into life and this follow up, although slightly better than its predecessor, is still lacking what it takes for Aeroplane to have any kind of impact or sustainability.

Though it is a move in the right direction and displays Aeroplane’s potential at commercial dance music, Vito still has a long way to go before this aeroplane truly takes off.