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Single Review: Muse – ‘Dig Down’

Published On May 28, 2017 | By Haydon Benfield | Featured Post, Music, Singles & EP's

From the colours and font of the cover art, to the music video that pays homage to some classic cinematic moments, English three-piece Muse give more than a knowing wink and nod to the 1980s with their latest single, Dig Down.

From the outset, a throbbing synth-rock riff propels Dig Down forth, with little musical augmentation – save for some sparse electronic drums, claps, and synth swells – for the first third of the song, at which point a string section briefly appears to add a sense of drama.

A falsetto refrain of “dig down” during the chorus firmly establishes the ‘80s vibe of the track, but a big drum beat and squalling guitar for Dig Down’s final third leads the song to end in a delightfully over the top fashion.

With a lyrical message of drawing strength from within yourself during periods of adversity, and its oblique swipe at a certain celebrity – who it could be argued is an embodiment of 1980s values – with the line “a clown takes the throne”, Dig Down is certainly a catchy track that grows on the listener with repeat listens.

4 / 5 stars     

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