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TV Review – Two and a Half Men: Season 12

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Two and a Half Men season twelve is the final season for the very entertaining long standing sitcom. This season boasts the same dumb jokes and the same cycle of very pretty and somewhat unstable women that made the show so successful.

two and a half men dvdFor this final run of episodes, Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) suffers a heart attack and has a somewhat early mid-life crisis in which he decides he needs to have a child to fulfil his life. This need for a child is a catalyst for the season, sending Walden and Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) on a very interesting adventure as a married “gay” couple. Somehow, they managed to do this in a non-offensive way, with a touch of light humour and, well, Alan is really in his element. The introduction of Maggie Lawson’s character Ms. McMartin, who manages to form a relationship with both Alan and Walden at different moments of the season, performs the clingy-girlfriend with ease and gives her character a comedic flair. And the addition of Edan Alexander as Louis, Walden’s adopted son, brings back the humour that Jake (Angus T. Jones) brought to the show for the first ten seasons, except Louis is more manipulative than dumb.

Somewhere in this convoluted story is a lot of well thought out humour, quite often poking fun at the show its self. Not just the show, but the actors and guests that appear. There are many quest appearances including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Stamos, Cristian Slater, and even Angus T. Jones makes a surprise appearance in the final episode. With each of them getting the opportunity to poke fun at their real lives. Really, this final season did an incredible job of wrapping up the show with style.

Season twelve of Two and a Half Men surprised me, and left me almost wishing there would be another season. I was never the biggest fan of the show when Charlie Sheen was around, but the addition of Ashton Kutcher has made for a pleasant experience. The season has several laughs a minute, and everything seems to come full circle with a return to the shows original dynamic. I thoroughly enjoy it when shows break down the fourth wall and make references to real life, which this season starts off doing subtly, and then begins to throw references in your face. After so much success and so many dramas on and off the screen, Two and a Half Men finished up in the best way possible, laughing and dropping pianos on people.