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2 Broke Girls – The Complete Fourth Season

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Now in its fourth year on our screens, U.S hit comedy 2 Broke Girls seems destined to continue as one of the best and brightest sitcoms of recent years with season 4 recently releasing to home entertainment formats and the show currently enjoying the start of its fifth season.

Two Broke Girls Season 4Co-creator Michael Patrick King, whose previous credits include Murphy Brown, Will and Grace and Sex and the City, has made a triumph out of his latest project which follows unlikely friends and roommates Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) continuing their work at a Brooklyn Diner while struggling to make their Cupcake business venture a success.

Still overflowing with as many laughs as there are racy innuendos, 2 Broke Girls  shows no signs of losing momentum anytime soon. With plenty of co-staring spots filled throughout the season, the show also serves fans as a who-who of the Hollywood scene.

The season opener features Looking actress Lauren Weedman as an uptight TV executive who pitches the idea of using the girls’ cupcake business to shoot some episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, much to the disgust of Max. Although, it’s not too long before she is a converted Kardashian fan who jumps all over the idea and quickly nicknames herself Chlamydia Kardashian. It’s also not long before the most famous of the Kardashian clan, Kim, stops by the cupcake shop for a brief cameo. The episode also sees Caroline forced to get a sassy new hairstyle after four years fronting her signature straight blonde locks.

Jesse Metcalfe guest stars in In The DJ Face as a booty call and WholeFoods supermarket DJ that Max is prompted to get to know thanks to Caroline’s insistence and pushes the sex-talk and suggestive jokes to a whole new level.

The seasons 3rd episode is slightly awkward as the storyline revolves around an overly camp ten year old boy whose bedroom is covered in Olson Twins, Britney and Doogie Howser posters, rainbow colored blinds and a bitchy attitude to boot. The episode is confident in its effort to blur the lines between its diverse and multi-sexual fan-base but given the age of the miniature actor; feels a little full on, even by 2 Broke Girls standards.

Episode 11 has the girls being put behind bars after Caroline’s one night stand doesn’t quite go to plan while the following episodes sees Max and Caroline taking on a pair of snooty Manhattan teenage girls who steal the design of their cupcake t-shirt’s.

One of the biggest perks within season 4 is the appearance of comedic firehouse Sandra Bernhard who plays ‘The High’ dessert bar owner; a swanky new sweet treat establishment where the pair end up working to pull in a few extra dollars. The actress, known for her abrasive and assertive comedic style, is perfect in her role within the show and a role that stretches over several episodes.

There are, like all sitcoms, hits and misses dotted throughout season 4, but given the show is now in its fifth season, having escaped the periodic culling of fan favorite shows in the U.S, 2 Broke Girls is doing pretty well for itself and holding up as a unique and distinguished – and still enormously funny – sitcom after four years and counting. Let’s hope it continues!