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TV Review: Suits – The Complete Fourth Season

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The crew from New York’s most elite law firm returns, this time with a new name to add to the door – Litt. As Season 4 kicks off in a new direction, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) separates from the firm to work as an investment banker for Jonathan Sidwell (Brandon Firla) setting him against his former mentor and best bro Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) when a case regarding a hostile takeover pits them against each other. With new rivals and new challenges, this seasons Suits has even more drama in and out of the law firm.

Suits Inserted

This season focus on the relationships of Pearson, Specter and Litt. After learning his secret, Mike and Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) relationship has been relatively steady, however, that changes with the introduction of Rachel’s ex and Pearson, Specter and Litt’s newest client, Logan (Brendan Hines). Likewise, after four seasons of simmering romantic tension between Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty), the situation comes to a head towards the end of the season, forcing both parties to evaluate their true feelings and finally let the audience know the truth about the nature of their relationship.

Fan favourite Louis (Rick Hoffman) returns with even more crazy, hilarious and anger-filled situations. After figuring how Mike’s secret, Louis finally realises that his dream will come true – in the form of senior partnership. Using this information to once again manipulate the staff of Pearson and Specter, Louis creates funny and heated tension that is superbly entertaining to watch. Meanwhile, Jessica (Gina Torres) gets a new love interest that shifts the hierarchy in the firm.

What makes Suits such an entertaining and addictive watch is the highly amusing interactions within the firm. Of course, it’s not Suits without new enemies to causing chaos to Pearson, Specter and Litt.  This season brings new challenges and introduces new rivals with SEC prosecutor Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough), returning new SEC employee Eric Woodall (Zeljko Ivanek) and recurring antagonist Charles Forstman (Eric Roberts).

If there was ever a perfect bromance chemistry between two characters, it would be Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. With different personalities and different attitudes that often clash, everything is left behind once the law is involved. More than coworkers, Harvey and Mike resemble long lost brothers that become indomitable warriors in court. In addition, Louis becomes more and more aggressive as he feels cutoff from this connection.

With all the different types of series networks have to offer, there is none like the strength and resilience of the cast of Suits. Filled with amazing chemistry and magnetic performances, season four only intensifies each of the character’s journey. From the beginning, Suits has had an excellent trajectory with an innovative and creative direction. This season’s episodes are written excellently with exciting and thrilling events that compels the audience each time; season four favourite episode – “This is Rome” (episode 10). Undoubtedly an undervalued guilty pleasure, Suits is a series that should be on your ‘must-watch’ list, if it isn’t already.