Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

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Album Review: Gary Clark Jr – The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim

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Gary Clark Jr is what you would describe as a unique musical persona. His music is often so diverse that it’s difficult to categorise; he was nominated for a Grammy in both the rock and R&B categories from his debut album Blak And Blu, earning the title of the first artist to do just that from the same album in the same year. He has also impressed and performed with the likes of Alicia Keys, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and more; an impressive CV indeed. Dubbed the “King of the Summer Festivals” by Rolling Stone, it’s no wonder that Gary has a captivated audience, and he’s about to wow again with his new album The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim.

Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy SlimFrom the opening bars and awesome guitar licks, we’re in for a treat. The Healing gives us an insight into the world of Gary Clark Jr and what music really means to him; Grinder is also a worthy single choice, with its electrifying aura and even the guitar’s piercing squeals. Our Love demonstrates the soulful side to Jr’s sound, with the organs making the arrangement all the more easy-going. Cold Blooded sounds like it would be a more sinister song if you were to go by its title, but Gary’s falsetto vocals makes it sound so smooth, even though the lyrics are darker in contrast. No wonder Clark Jr Can’t Sleep: the track has got pace and you feel just as buzzed. The album ends with the edgy Shake and the smooth Down To Ride.

Gary Clark Jr’s sound is like a roller coaster ride: you don’t know what kind of experience you’re in for until you give it a whirl. The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim only gives you a glimpse into the artist’s world, but you’ll still find enjoyment with his awesome guitar parts and intriguing arrangements/melodies. You can definitely hear why everybody is raving about him, and listening to this album makes you want to see him perform live. It’s got the thumbs up from us!