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TV Review: Person of Interest – The Complete Third Season

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With a Minority Report meets The Terminator high concept theme, Person of Interest is certainly a unique television series.

The most interesting element of Person of Interest has always been the exceptional partnership between Finch and Reese (Jim Caviezel). Both have contrasting personalities, however, together they have outstanding chemistry that is exceptional to watch on screen. Recent regular cast additions Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker have proven to be a valuable inclusion to the series with their twisted performances; Shaw’s unfeeling, ruthless femme fatale and Acker’s psychopathic crazed techie creates a whole new atmosphere to the storyline.

Person of Interest S3 Inserted Image

Another interesting feature of the series has been its exceptional process of combining both episodic and serial elements to each episode. While each episode deals with different persons of interest, the underlying complications are pieced together through compelling flashbacks. Season three deals heavy storylines such as HR, a group of corrupt police officials and Decima Technologies, an organization determined to gain control of the Machine, and together with effective character backstories that allow viewers insight into the past, the show successfully transforms into an enticing techno-thriller. 

As the second half of series shifts focus from identifying people to machine vs. machine, and with the introduction go Decima Technologies and Samaritan, the show inherently becomes more complex and undoubtedly more interesting. Through these plotlines, the series continues to shock and surprise viewers, leaving audiences in intense anticipation after each episode.

This season is likely to be memorable; with the unlikely passing of a fan favourite character, Person of Interest truly knows how to keep the audiences captivated. Through this character’s death, circumstances change and the rest of the characters are forced to evaluate whether certain decision are ethical.

For avid fans of the show, season three is undeniably memorable. With certain events that alter the entire position of the series, it will be interesting to see the aftermath. Combined with alluring storylines and strong performances from the entire cast, season three is surely an outstanding watch.