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Single Review: Meghan Trainor – ‘Lips Are Movin’

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After the astounding success of her debut single All About That Bass, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 as well as reaching #1 on countless charts across the globe, Nantucket-native Meghan Trainor has announced the release of the lead single from her forthcoming full-length album. Only 20 years of age, the pop, doo-wop singer-songwriter earned instant success with the undeniably catchy, and body-positive track All About That Bass. And recreating the infectious, bass-heavy sound of the chart-topper, Trainor, looks set to inflict a similar assault on the radio airwaves with Lips Are Movin’.

Meghan Trainor Lips are movinReferencing her monster hit in the first 20 seconds of the track, Lips Are Movin’ maintains the confident, relentlessly optimistic attitude already characteristic of the young songstress. The simple, concise lyrics Trainor passionately spits out (Boy, look at me in my face/Tell me that you’re not just about this bass/You really think I could be replaced/Nah, I come from outer space) suit both her musical style and thematic concern. Lyrical profundity is redundant in this blend of 50s throw back and classic pop, whose success doesn’t rest on its poetics but on its relentless catchiness and communicability.

The jubilant sounds of a classic Hammond Organ, combined with a brassy baritone saxophone, make a nice addition to the somewhat formulaic structure of Trainor’s song writing. Following the success of All About That Bass, Lips Are Movin’ contains a spirited spoken word verse, prevalent backing chorus, funky bass line, and that distinctive unadorned section of percussive hand claps and backing singers that allows Trainor’s vivacious and strong voice to excel.

Lips Are Movin’ plays on a relationship between retro instrumentation and contemporary delivery, creating a sound that aims to be at once nostalgic and fresh. While I have no doubt Trainor has a penchant for penning fun tunes that get stuck in your head as much as they’re stuck on rotation on the radio, Lips Are Movin’ doesn’t suggest any forward movement. Having said that though, the track is only her second major release; she’s young, and she’s definitely found her sound, she just needs to find the confidence to go somewhere further with it.