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TV Review: Hart of Dixie – The Complete Third Season

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George Tucker or Wade Kinsella? Answer: Joel?

After her tumultuous relationships with both George (Scott Porter) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) and promising the entire town of Bluebell that she would never come back, Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) returns from her three month long New York City hiatus with surprising new author boyfriend Joel (Josh Cooke) in tow. Much to the dismay of the townsfolk, Zoe realises that she misses her caring town and its delightful people and makes a difficult decision on whether she will eventually leave or stay.

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Inserted ImageIn her typical quirkiness, Bilson is endearing as the New York City turned Alabama doctor of Bluebell. Much like her popular character Summer Roberts in The O.C., Zoe is filled with just the right amount of witty and offbeat personality that makes the viewers fall in love with her in every episode.

Like every romantic comedy television series, Zoe is faced with the torturous dilemma of choosing which Southern suitor is her perfect match – reliable and sweet George or wild and unpredictable Wade. While each character has their own relationships throughout the season, somehow each man finds their way back to Zoe. Mayoral couple Lavon and Annabeth seem to be in relationship bliss, but notwithstanding a couple of commitment bumps along the way. Meanwhile, King’s Lemon makes an outstanding character development as she transitions from a materialistic, unpleasant Southern Belle to a hardworking, driven business woman.

What makes Hart of Dixie such a loveable show are the wonderfully charming and adorable supporting cast members – ex-fiancee and lead Belle Lemon Breeland (Jaime King), local doctor Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson), Mayor and best friend to Zoe, Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) and his on-and-off Southern Belle, Annabeth Nass (Kaitlyn Black).

With the big romantic cliffhangers for different couples, audiences will be left waiting and wishing for the ten-episode (cut short due to Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy) season four to arrive.