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Album Review: True Blood Vol. 4 – Soundtrack

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Vampires, sex and the good old southern comfort of the south are a few things that spring to mind when I think of, True Blood. Oh and a shirtless Ryan Quanten and Alexander Skarsgard. Hey a girl can dream, right?

TrueBloodVol4So, if you’re an avid viewer of TB you have probably noticed the amazing theme song that captures the essence of the entirety of the show titled Bad Things by Jace Everett, when I started to watch the show I was hooked already by that alone. This is what True Blood Volume 4 captures, like its soundtracks before, Vol 4 sits right in the pocket.

The soundtrack is filled with an amazing line-up with the likes of Iggy Pop, The Heavy, Alabama Shakes, The Naked and Famous plus many more. With this huge line-up, listening through the soundtrack you get that feeling of being down in a vampire den, much like the Rock ‘n’ Roll club on True Blood sippin on your drank, the track listing is that smooth.

The opener is a cover of the song Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, a dark brooding sexy track to kick it all off. A duet between Eric Burdon and Jenny Lewis their vocals intertwine like barbed wire and vines with harsh vocals tones and flowing melodies with the reverb on the drums just adding that extra darker twist.

Skipping the second song to What Makes a Good Man? by The Heavy was a good choice. WOW. This track is the stand-out by far with its laid back nature of the drum and bass, the whinging pulling force behind the vocals, then building into this insane chorus filled with call and response, preaching all of the glorious gospel vibes. Think of Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege. You will have this song alone on repeat.

Authority Song by Bosco Delrey, is a catchy tune with all its instrumental effects hand claps and reverb and heavy accented vocals it slips right in with the TB soundtrack, like the songs before it has the dirty, grungy feel to it.

As the soundtrack continues it starts to mellow down with The Sun by The Naked and Famous and Undertow by War Paint. These tracks have a slow tempo and more electro vibe and are more concentrated on the long drowned out vocals with more pure tones, it’s a nice chilled out section of the soundtrack, yet it’s not to last long, hitting back in with a track by Mobley called I Wanna Be Your Man. This is pure Blues Rock ‘n’ Roll! It has a Black Keys feel to it and could easy be mistaken for them. Mobley holds his own with this short and sweet tune – it’s worth a listen.

At the end of the True Blood Volume 4 soundtrack I was left feeling satisfied and have nothing negative to say. It was super enjoyable with a great track listing.
If you are a fan of True Blood and its music, go check it out you may just find your new favorite band.

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