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Album Review: The Quails – Master of Imperfection

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Teignmouth 4-piece The Quails have already churned out some pretty decent produce in the form of 2008’s I’ve Heard Its All Rumours making a reasonable dent in the indie market as well as being given the honor of supporting rock legends Muse in 2009 and the bands album Master of Imperfection hits the record store shelves this week.

TheQuailsThe guitar soaked record is more than just another indie album – its a lot more versatile and challenging than what we have had on our radar for a while now. Its indie yes, but with elements of pop and a very light splashing of blues in all the right places and even a couple of sentimental numbers thrown into the mix. Melodic, catchy and significantly talented in an uncompromising attempt to create something fresh and worthwhile.

Games with the Devil has a strong Franz Ferdinand feel to it both vocally in large sections as well as riff-wise. Its trigger happy and energetic indie at full throttle.

Title track Master of Imperfection has just the right measure of eighties pop overtones to make this a sure fire winner and one of the highlights on the record.

Sneer drum rocker Princess is a quirky number with some great hooks and equally catchy chorus harmonies going down the same path taken by fellow indie greats Franz, Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs to a notable degree.

2 prominent piano-based numbers feature on the record – Shining Star is a perfect addition to this guitar based album and although it climaxes to a more rock heavy ending it still breaks the album up nicely and shows the bands versatile and more emotive writing style and Transmit, Evade, Escape. Ending the record and with a 1.44 minute lifespan its a well written, simple yet defining closing track.

Vocalist, lyricist and charismatic front-man Dan Steers voice is strong and persistent and the record is a good arena for showing off his vocal versatility. This front-man is quality with a guitar and has the distinctive vocals needed for the band to get noticed among the many like them.

Overall the album is fairly predictable – it’s indie but with a freshness yet familiarity in the right dose.

Master of Perfection is an undiscriminating indie record well fitting for a genre that seems rather quite of late. Its a fun indie album that also gives you a sample of what these guys would sound like live in its professional yet raw production. A band to look out for on the 2010 festival circuit for sure.