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Live Review: Sophie Delila – Sunday 20th June 2010 – Natural History Museum, London, UK

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Arriving at the Natural History Museum at around 18.30pm I wasn’t sure what to expect from a performance at the venue. I knew there was a Music Day event of some sort taking place and was pleased to see that the performances were to be held outdoors, showcasing some of musics new and rising talent.

Quaintly placed in the corner of a medium sized lawn area a stage was set up consisting of a few mixing tables and room enough for instruments and a small band. Pictures of Sophie’s album Hooked were dotted around the lawn promoting the singers fantastic new release.

There has been a delay in getting the album to UK shores and also a great relief to finally be able to catch the frizzy haired soul diva perform tracks from the record. I had grown quite attached to my copy of Hooked over the past four weeks so was eager to hear the songs performed live.

Stylishly dressed in black, equipped with leather boots and jacket, various spangly bangles and that wild hair, Sophie and her two-piece band took to the stage at close to 7pm and went straight into the records title track Hooked.

Can’t Keep Loving You, and the records first single Nature Of The Crime followed. So far the set was delivered with perfect accuracy and showmanship. Sophie looked the part and her voice was outstanding, every note exemplary and performed with conviction and passion.

Throughout the 30 minute set Sophie encouraged street walking passersby to join in on the fun and sit down to watch. She would also encourage to audience to clap to provide her more of a beat and participate by singing along.

An ode to the weather during the event was paid in the form of the melodic Blue Sky before Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On was performed acoustically and drew a positive applause from the crowd.

Another World, a song Sophie wrote for Westlife’s 2009 record Where We Are, was also performed beautifully before one of the album highlights, Spirit.

Sophie had an amazing stage presence and looked completely at ease whilst encouraging as much participation and audience interaction as she could get and the crowd was willing to give, raising to their feet to clap and dance along to Sophie’s hip swinging tambourine and smooth soulful vocals.

A mini performance in the lawn of the Natural History Museum by an incredibly talented, Motown inspired songstress proved to be the perfect way to spent a sunny Sunday evening.