Thu. May 30th, 2024

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Single Review: Will.I.Am – It’s My Birthday (featuring Cody Wise)

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The notion of being able to do whatever you like on your birthday has been celebrated and written about in music for decades, with many artists over time releasing songs about the joyous occasion that is the anniversary of your birth. The latest in said list of artists is Black Eyed Peas-member-turned-solo-star Will.I.Am, who has just released a track called It’s My Birthday featuring R&B protégée Cody Wise.'sMyBirthdayThe Bollywood inspired R&B track sees Cody Wise take the lead for the most part, backed up by mainstream veteran Will.I.Am in the catchy club anthem. The song is all about living fantasies and doing whatever the birthday boy wants, which in this case is mostly spending money and being around pretty women.

Musically, the track is a bit different and unexpected from Will.I.Am, moving in a different direction to what he’s shown in the past. The inclusion of Cody Wise adds excitement to the track as the pair’s enthusiasm oozes through their voices which complement each other well. It’s nice to see Will.I.Am experimenting with his sound as too much of the same thing can get stale after a while. Looks like things are only getting better for the 39 year old, who is currently a judge on The Voice Australia and still riding the success of his latest album #willpower which came out last year.