Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

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Single Review: Tulisa – ‘Living Without You’

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Tulisa has been through a lot. She may have taken a few wrong turns throughout her career, but no one should have to put up the amount of media abuse that the singer has had to endure. Being in the public eye has its drawbacks, and what feels like the world watching your every step and enjoying watching you fall from grace is unfortunately just one of them. Tulisa has endured the lows, and at last feels comfortable enough to put her troubles behind her with new single Living Without You.

tulisa 2Littered with lyrics probably meant as a healing mechanism for herself and private life, the track borrows heavily from 90s dance but tops this up with a layer of the present. It works well, with Tulisa wearing her heart on her sleeve as she sings ‘I know I’ve made mistakes, living without you is a curse that I can take’.

The track takes the tone of repetitive but hypnotizing, and mostly pulls it off, but it doesn’t feel like a song that’s going to be memorable in the long run. It’s good that she didn’t go for an all out ballad to try and win back the hearts of the public, but at the same time a couple more hooks could have benefited the track.

It’s good to see that the singer has licked her wounds and back in the public eye, and lets hope she can concentrate on her music and get a few belters out there to put her back on top where she belongs.