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Single Review: Travie McCoy – ‘Golden’ (feat. Sia)

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Many artists seem to be jumping on the Sia bandwagon: this time it’s Travie McCoy who is in need of her musical ‘Midas Touch’. Golden is co-written by Sia and Diplo, as well as being produced by the Picard Bros., so Travie isn’t holding back on bringing in the big guns. The release of his sophomore solo album should be upon us soon, so this new single should keep fans occupied.

Travie McCoy - Golden feat. SiaThe opening bars of Golden generate a couple of questions; will this song be irritating, and will it use Sia as a crutch? Insert more questions if you will, but initially you don’t know where the song could go. Giving Sia the hook, chorus and bridge was a good move: her contribution is what keeps you attentive for the track’s entirety as she has a phenomenal presence in pop music, and not to mention the wonderful things she can do with pen and paper. It’s a sweetly written song that will make you smile as Travie rhymes about this wonderful girl in his life and how he sees a future with her.

Upon your first listen, Golden doesn’t seem all too much as it easily blends in with all the other boppy rapper/pop artist collaborations out there, but you become quite taken with its charm; and especially with Sia’s quirkily sung bridge and powerfully driven choruses. Its catchiness makes it decent single material, but whether or not it will leave a long lasting impression is to be tested: working with Sia is what made it shine a little brighter.