Thu. May 30th, 2024

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Single Review: Tinashe – ‘Superlove’

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With Tinashe’s sophomore album Joyride finally visible on the horizon, the hype is truly starting to build. Teaming up with prolific producers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, Tinashe finally offers us the first taste of the new collection with Superlove; a simple, yet incredibly effective lead single that showcases her growth as an artist to a crazy degree.

Tinashe SuperloveSuperlove revolves around a simple beat that sits comfortably between the two realms of synthpop and R&B, dropping to a slower pace as it hits its bridge or as it opens a verse, but remaining consistent for a large part of the song. Its chorus is instead pinpointed by layers of vocals, creating a swelling, positive atmosphere that supports the song’s message of a positive, infectious kind of happiness stemming from love. As simple as the song may seem, its beat and vocal hooks are tailor-made to stick in your head, whether it’s Tinashe’s skilled raps in the verses or her slower, sensual croon in the chorus, and the small touches that surround the different sections of the song’s instrumental are more than enough to sell it.

As far as lead singles go, Superlove was a smart choice for Tinashe. Its understated beat leaves enough room for her to carry the song vocally, and it’s written and produced in a way that ensures you won’t forget it long after you first listen to it. With Joyride still a while away from release, Superlove is surely more than enough to keep you satisfied while you wait.