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Single Review: The Saturdays – ‘What Are You Waiting For?’

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The Saturdays  have returned to the limelight, with What are you Waiting for? being the lead single from their new greatest hits compilation Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits. A compilation album seems to be the perfect way to get the girls back in the stride of things, as they’ve all had a busy schedule over the past couple of years.  Not only were they all involved in their own reality TV project, but they also had their own hectic lives to sort out – especially Frankie, who has just returned from giving birth to son Parker Bridge in October last year.  And what better way to celebrate the return of the five piece than releasing a single full of sunny disposition, dance beats and a party atmosphere?

The Saturdays - What Are You Waiting For?The single does everything a summer dance track should; gradual build ups, dizzying drops and big beats – this makes it a song that’s tailored for the clubs of Ibiza and will have revelers up on their feet and jumping around in a party atmosphere.

It feels completely manufactured to this time of year, and because of this, like a lot of tunes of this calibre, it feels a little soulless.  This doesn’t however stop it triumphing at being able to bring people together and being catchy as hell in the right atmosphere.

Its throwaway lyrics about partying, having fun and living in the moment will appeal to the young festival goers and holiday makers looking for the sun, but it doesn’t feel like a single that we will be playing in our stereos in a few months time.  It’s a great short-term summer fix, but by next year there will be ten more songs willing to take on the job of being the next summer hit.  It’s a nice addition to the greatest hits album (along with two other new tracks), but let’s hope they don’t keep us in anticipation too long for what they can come up with on a record of all new material.