Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

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Single Review: The Prodigy – ‘Nasty’

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Where would we be without the Prodigy? Not having as much fun is the answer. They’re one of those bands where you just throw away your inhibitions, and as the new single states: ‘get nasty’. I remember seeing them once at a festival years ago; they absolutely tore it apart, with the crowd going crazy and loving every minute. I put it down to bad scheduling that they were unfortunately on before The Arctic Monkeys who were in especially sombre mood that night and couldn’t ignite the fans in a way they usually can – probably due to crowd being so knackered from going mental to The Prodigy classic Firestarter!

The Prodigy nastyAnyway, I digress; we’re here to talk about new Prodigy single Nasty, and so we shall. The thing about the band is that somehow they’ve lost none of their appeal or energy over their 25 years (that’s right, 25 years!) in the music industry. They still have the swagger of young men and still manage to pull dance demons out of their music. Nasty is no different, and its hedonistic hypnotism set against the usual thumping beats, raucous vocals and tailored build ups throw the listener into ecstasy.

To be fair its not that different from their other mainstream tracks in sound, but they’ve always relied on the attitude and vigour rather than being too clever. I also think I spotted a sample in their from the sound of the Ghostbusters car… although maybe that’s just me.

It’s a good effort right from the oldskool for The Prodigy boys, and reminds us why we love them.