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Single Review: The Pierces – ‘Kings’

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American New-York band, The Pierces have recently released a brand new instant grat track, Kings; a song that reignites the beauty of psychedelic rock.

The sisters, consisting of Allison Margaret Pierce and Catherine Eleanor Pierce,The Pierces Creation have only an age gap of two years and having been home-schooled as well as being raised by hippie parents, it’s no wonder the influences of the music that they have established show a new reformed edgy style. At a young age, both of the sisters were exposed to music and the arts, listening to particular musical influences such as Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel. They were strongly encouraged to explore their creative side by showcasing their talents at weddings, parties and church events. It’s expected that the band will release their new album, Creation in the middle of the year, intriguing listeners that they have a lot of visionary songs on the table.

Kings has a laid-back and charismatic vibe when first listened to with both Allison and Catherine’s high-rising vocals weaving its way through the strong percussion of instruments and dramatic drum solos. It’s fast-paced and innovative as it gives off a sense of security and charm to The Pierces signature sound. Not only that, but the song itself has a positive “girl power” message, reminding the women of today that they have the power to think for themselves and shouldn’t be underestimated for their own abilities and that power is equal for both men and women.

Yet another successful track by The Pierces, Kings, is an invigorating song that stands out for its psychedelic rock edge, showcasing to the world that the sisters do indeed have power and passion for music.