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Single Review: Hot Chelle Rae – ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’

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Rock/pop band Hot Chelle Rae are back with their latest single after a busy year of touring across the globe. Since losing a member, the dynamic trio band have picked themselves up to release Don’t Say Goodnight, a single from their highly anticipated upcoming album.

Hot Chelle Rae Dont Say GoodnightDon’t Say Goodnight starts off with a beautiful acapella version of the chorus, before bursting into the song. This is a great start to the song, and the melody softly tinkering in the background assures you that it’s going to have a catchy pop feel. The verse is okay, with a slightly odd word rhythm in places, but it’s not annoying enough to turn you off the song. What did make me dislike the song is the fact that it doesn’t go anywhere. After the initial burst into the first verse, the song flatlines. The choruses are not as climatic as you would hope and things seem to go down hill from here, with not great lyrics and a really strange bridge.

Don’t Say Goodnight will more than likely prove to be a hit for Hot Chelle Rae, with a catchy chorus and youth anthem vibe.  However, with so many similar songs about, this track needed that bit extra to stand out from the crowd, which it unfortunately didn’t deliver.