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Single Review: The Darkness – ‘Solid Gold’

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Photo: Simon Emmett

Two years on from Last of Our Kind, The Darkness have reminded us they’re nowhere near done yet with the release of Solid Gold, from their upcoming fifth studio album, Pinewood Smiles.

Solid Gold, surely a romantic track comparing the love of your life to a precious metal?  Absolutely not.  The Darkness have done what The Darkness do best – played a catchy tune on a guitar, turned the bassline into a heartbeat, included drums to get you excited, and thrown in a jumble of profanities to churn out a classic rock hit.

From the wrong band, lyrics like “we are legends, with power that you can’t deny, we’re immortal, ’cause these songs will never die,” can sound pretentious enough to make you vow never to listen to them again.  For The Darkness however, it is exactly this kind of arrogance that is absolutely charming, and their outrageously crude language inspires a giggle and your love for them.

In no time at all you will be bellowing out the chorus and playing the air guitar, regardless of it being a Monday morning at work or your Friday night out.