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Album Review: PVRIS – All We Know of Heaven All We Need of Hell

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Photo: Live Nation UK

There’s noise, there’s talent, and then there’s PVRIS (pronounced Paris).  Three years after their debut studio album White Noise, PVRIS have been working hard on what can only be described as their phenomenal second addition, All We Know of Heaven All We Need of Hell.

Lead single Heaven will have you hooked into the album the second you hit play.  Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s voice will mesmerise you as she laments “you took my heaven away.”  The echoing chant of “you took my heart” sounds like she’s already been abandoned, leaving her pain unheard.

The music video for this track features some disturbing imagery, including ghostly figures cloaked in black.  Although not next in the album, the follow up for this video is What’s Wrong.  This song isn’t a question but a simple explanation, where you “don’t need a metaphor for you to know I’m miserable.”

This storyline is continued in the deeply dark and disturbing video for Half, which is the second track on the album.  The flickering shadows create a double vision, reflecting Gunn’s “one foot in the grave, the other on the ground” – appropriate wording, since it looks like she’s holding funeral flowers and a memorial photograph.  Keep your eyes open (and for your own sake keep the lights on) for the reappearance of the cloaked figures and an ominous hand reaching for the same Victorian style camera from Heaven.

As beautifully futile as this can sometimes feel, there is room to show love in a positive light in Same Soul through sheer determination. The pleasant beat becomes impassioned as we delve into the song.  Even as Gunn passionately cries out “I’m just somebody that you used to love,” there’s still a breathtaking hope, as after “a thousand lives, I try to find you every time.”