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Single Review: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Go’

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Four time Grammy award winning electronic duo The Chemical Brothers have been back in their musical laboratory, concocting up some new tunes for the pleasure of the ears of the world. Their upcoming eighth studio album Born in the Echoes is in the works. The excitement was kicked off with promotional single Sometimes I Feel So Deserted, and especially now with the lead single Go (Featuring Q-Tip).

The Chemical Brothers - Born In The EchoesIt’s very clear that The Chemical Brothers are back with their crosshairs aimed at the charts. Go is a captivating piece of electronic/dance music and it’s clear the pair have returned to take back the lead in their genre; it’s been five years since the release of their last album, so it’s about time. Q-Tip really belongs on Go: his contribution flows just as smoothly and passionately as the production itself. There’s definitely some chemistry going on in this collaboration. The only downside is that at times the melody can be a little bland, but the overall energetic vibe of Go makes it all the more addictive and listenable. You’ll be hitting repeat soon enough.

The Chemical Brothers are heading in what sounds like the right direction for them. They remain strong in what they have built and have been known for releasing. Teaming up with Q-Tip was a strong decision and Go may not have had the same impact on you if they had worked with somebody else, so kudos to them for that collaborative choice. We can’t wait for what the rest of their new album has to offer in July.