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Single Review: The All-American Rejects – ‘There’s A Place’

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The All-American Rejects have re-emerged after a three year absence with a shockingly soothing brand new single that is both deeply personal and a stark contrast to the colourful and bright output we’ve always known from the band.

miss-you-alreadyThere’s A Place sees the band take on a more mellow and somber approach, with lyrics more serious and pensive than the cheesy satirical style that defined The All-American Rejects of the past. The single is taken from the upcoming film Miss You Already, which sees lead singer Tyson Ritter starring alongside Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette.

Ritter’s vocals apparently come with a country quiver these days, only adding to the maturity of the song’s style and subject matter. Given the group’s past chart success with fun and poppy releases, for the fans that have been with them since the beginning this new track may come as something of a shock.

As it stands there’s no way of knowing if the band have clung on to that catchy signature sound; despite discussing the prospect of a new album earlier this year the band have yet to announce the release of a new studio recording. Nonetheless, There’s A Place is a bold step in a new direction for the group, and one that already seems to be paying off.