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Single Review: Stan Walker & Ginny Blackmore – ‘Holding You’

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Since taking out the last ever season of Australian Idol in 2009, singer Stan Walker dove right into his solo career in pop music; he dominated radio and music television with hits such as Black Box, Choose You and Loud, even scoring himself a television role as a 2013 X Factor New Zealand judge. Now he’s back and has joined forces with New Zealand gal Ginny Blackmore, known for her hits Bones and SFM; their duet is called Holding You.

Stan Walker And Ginny blackmore Holding YouHolding You begins like an emotional ballad, the piano is played with such feeling; it is a different story however when the beat and vocals come in, the track merges contemporary pop with its existing ballad characteristic to create a wall of power sound. Stan and Ginny’s voices are a match made in heaven, they both share a very similar tone and ability in vocal control; their ranges are amazing, and the dynamics they demonstrate throughout the track really compliment each other. The song is as catchy as it is touching, and the only writers to touch the track were Stan and Ginny, which kept the overall feel of the song more personal for them and enabling a deeper and emotional delivery.

Stan Walker and Ginny Blackmore have chemistry in Holding You, it’s great to hear a new duet that’s not done so cheesy or where two artists have been thrown against a wall to see if they stick on the charts; there is something very natural and genuine going on with Holding You, it is a song that both artists should be very proud of as it sounds great and they were a perfect match for the collaboration; kudos for being the sole writers of the track also.