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Single Review: Snoop Dogg – ‘Peaches N Cream’

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Snoop Dogg is the original meme-able rapper (Drake be damned), a title which comes with as many shortcomings as it does positives. Although Snoop is a pop culture icon, his personality has always threatened to overshadow his actual music, at least in the hands of the mainstream media. The man himself is at risk of being oversold, and recently, his records have been treated as an afterthought to his personality and image.

Snoop Dogg - Peaches N CreamIt’s a shame, really, because Snoop is a pop-rap powerhouse. The man has been turning out hit after hit for some time now, a fact that his fans might not need to be reminded of, but the public at large certainly does.

Will Peaches N Cream be the track to bring the man’s music into the spotlight then? Unfortunately, maybe not. It’s a largely forgettable little track, and although it’s solid, it lacks the fire necessary to remind us that Snoop is the man responsible for some of the strongest chart hits of the nineties.

The backing instrumentation is predictably slick stuff, but it comes across as largely lifeless. It’s the kind of laid back, flirtatious stuff Snoop has utilized much more successfully earlier in his career. Although it’s nice to see that Snoop hasn’t manufactured an artificial left turn for the sake of it, it’d still be nice if there was at least a bit of experimentation in either the medium or the message.

Snoop’s vocals are similarly solid, though weightless: there are no turns of phrase that will stick with the listener, the delivery is flat, commercial radio stuff and the subject matter is heavy on the braggadocio, short on the inspired.

It’s a shame, really, though it’s not a disaster: it’s an oddly dull tune, but it’s not insipid. It’s another by the numbers single that works, but never inspires.