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Single Review: Slash – ‘World on Fire’

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Imagine a world without Slash? It wouldn’t be nearly as fun and raucous without the top-hatted guitar hero would it?  Even those not into their heavy metal know who Slash is – he’s the face of a genre and is instantly recognisable to the masses.  And lately he’s produced some pretty decent music as well, with two solo albums already under his belt featuring many of rocks finest, such as Kid Rock, Ozzy and Dave Grohl.  Slash has shown he’s just not a genius at creating and playing over the top guitar solos, but can go the whole nine yard when it comes to creating music as well.

Slash - World On FireFast forward a few years and the man himself is gearing up to release his 3rd solo effort, with new album-titled single World on Fire, being the first song to reach our ears. Back to help him out again are Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, who have proven on past releases a match made in heaven when it comes to releasing hard-hitting rock.  Slash has gone back to his English roots for this one as well, with the  album’s exclusive first listen being aired at the House of Commons in London (yes, you heard me right, someone let Slash in the House of Commons with a guitar).

This may have been just a PR stunt to get everyone talking about the new record, but to be honest new single World on Fire doesn’t need any help to shine.  The fast-paced riff immediately hits you like a freight train from the start and will have you looking for the nearest person to run into, even if you’ve never moshed before.  The 80s heavy metal influence is very apparent and Myles Kennedy’s voice suits the song very well, with the singer in comfortable and confident territory as he wails down the mic with typically cheesy but brilliant lyrics: “Let me tempt you with the evils of the flesh and so much more”.

The breakdown later on in the track is something that English rockers The Who would be proud of, and it wouldn’t be complete without a token Slash solo, still showing he’s up there with the best when it comes to ‘shredding on the axe’.

This is what a Slash song should be, fun, fast and appealing to everyone.  It’s not ultra heavy so that it would put some people off, it’s well written, and to be honest, quite a mainstream effort that will give you images of men with large hair and tight leather trousers.  Slash is back, and if this single is anything to go by, he’s here to rock your world.