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Single Review: Sinead O’Connor – ‘Take Me To The Church’

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Sinead loves to pop up and cause a bit of controversy now and again – she’s one of those artists where it’s in her nature to do so.  Her most recent outburst was in the form of an open-letter to Miss Miley Cyrus, asking her to think twice about her ‘sexually liberated image’ and pointing out it’s not cool to be prostituted…ouch.  The inevitable twitter backlash ensued with everyone throwing in their opinion, and Sinead probably loving every minute. It does go to show the singer still knows and loves causing a bit of chaos, and that’s exactly why she’s still around.

Sinead O'Conner - Take Me To ChurchChaos also seems be a determining factor in Sinead’s new single Take Me To The Church.  Taken from new album I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss, it sees the singer in a quandary over her life and direction.  The track verses are a joy to listen to with clever layers fitted over vocals that skip about as if they have a mind of their own, but somehow hold everything together.  There’s nothing out there like these verses which is a testament in today’s world of mish-mash music.

Unfortunately, in contrast, the chorus fails to stand up against the rest of the song – it’s pretty standard pop rock melodies and key changes fail to hit the highs of the rest of the track.   I suppose you could say this sums up Sinead perfectly – one minute absolute genius, the next settling for mediocrity.

The lyrics seem to be about change and confliction: “I don’t wanna love the way I loved before” sings Sinead, maybe giving an insight into why the song feels like two parts that don’t work together.  Take Me To The Church is a good start to intrigue the listener enough to listen to her new album, let’s just hope the record features more of the material which make the verses of her latest single so great.