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Single Review: Selena Gomez – Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)

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Get ready for some new Selena Gomez tunes! The multi-platinum selling star is gearing up to release her forthcoming album this year. To kick off the hype, Gomez lined up producers Nick Monsoon and Nolan Lambroza to give life to her new single Good For You, which also features chart-topping rapper A$AP Rocky who had co-producing duties alongside Hector Delgado; this will be Selena Gomez’s first release since leaving Hollywood Records for Interscope, beginning a new chapter in her music career.

Selena Gomez - Good For YouGood For You sees Gomez head in a new direction, both in maturity and sound, it definitely has a different ambience to most of her previous work. The song’s concept is a little overdone in the 21st Century, Selena attempts to sing seductively as she convinces her lover that she’s trying hard to be his trophy; while A$AP Rocky’s contribution complimented the concept and confirmed that she is exactly what turns him on, it too came off as a little clichéd. The music video for the track is also a bit adult, Selena’s going all out for her image.

While ex-Disney princesses attempting to become steamy sex symbols seems to be the trend, breaking free from those ties would allow artists such as Miley Cyrus and now Selena Gomez to explore new opportunities. Good For You may leave you on the fence, yet it may not, it depends on what you make of it. The vocals aren’t all that strong and powerful to draw you into her confidence, but lyrically this is a new terrain for the young singer and shows us a more mature side to her music. Like it or not, Good For You isn’t the worst pop track out there.