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Single Review: Sara Bareilles – ‘She Used To Be Mine’

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Sara Bareilles has made a career out of making people feel things. Her strong vocals and powerful lyrics have a rawness to them that make them unique and appealing, usually skyrocketing her hits to the top of the charts. Bareilles has been off the music scene for a couple of years and we waited with baited breath (and with Brave on repeat) for her to release another heart stopping, life changing song. She didn’t disappoint.

Sara Bareilles She Used To Be MineShe Used To Be Mine is epic, in all its simplicity. It starts off with just a piano and Sara’s voice uttering the words, “It’s not simple to say, but most days I don’t recognise me.” The first two lines sound so harsh and revealing, that it makes the rest of the track a mystery. You want to keep listening not only because its beautiful, but because you need to know the rest of the story.

Actually the song’s structure is really interesting, because it isn’t the usual verse chorus verse. Instead it’s set out more like a story. In the beginning Sara’s voice is haunting, timid and unsure but as the song gains speed and the story picks up, her voice turns strong and brave and by the time it hits its peak, you’re rooting for the waitress who’s lost herself along the way.

For a comeback single, She Used To Be Mine is perfect. It’s very compelling in story and song and it is also true to Bareilles’ unique style, which is basically; get ready to feel all the feels.