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Album Review: Loon Lake – Low Res

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It’s been a full on six years but Australian rock group Loon Lake have called it quits. To see their journey off they are releasing one final album, Low Res. Said to be their most strongest and honest music to date the group have also mentioned that it’s very much like their original sound, much to the delight of fans. Low Res will be available in a pay-what-you want format so that fans can easily get their hands on it, as well as being backed by their national Final Wave tour in late October/early November.

Loon Lake - Low ResIt’s clear the boys are going all out, single Just Now is an electric roar that jumps right out at you and grabs your attention. The album is packed with guitars, enthusiastic drum lines, energetic vocals and easy-going lyrics, the deeper sounding Black Eyes easily oozes Aussie indie rock. By the time you make it to Blue Skies you could easily grow a little tired, getting too used to the earthiness and grit and yearn for some diversity between tracks. If you’re right into the album’s energy, tracks Surfin’ and Baby should be right up your alley.

Low Res isn’t a bad farewell effort by Loon Lake, they will be sorely missed by fans and hopefully their last moments on the airwaves and on stage go out with a bang. Overall the album’s sound is a little tiresome after a while. The tracks don’t really stand out from each other a heck of a lot: perhaps a mix of their old sound with some new ideas may have mixed it up a bit? Either way the group have had a good run, so fans can be grateful for their last hurrah.