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Single Review: Rixton – ‘Me and My Broken Heart’

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After making waves on both sides of the Atlantic with YouTube sensation Make Out, British four-piece Rixton are set to break onto the scene with debut single Me and My Broken Heart. With a string of festival appearances and a number of sold out UK shows to come this summer, the single is the first chance to hear the pop quartet’s vision of their harmony-soaked soul pop.

Rixton - Me and My Broken HeartThe single kicks off with lead singer/guitarist Jake Roche introducing us to his soul infused pop vocal style. It’s clear he’s a tuneful sort, and it isn’t long before his bandmates join in with proceedings. The verse kicks off lying somewhere in between Reggae, Funk-Pop and RnB. It’s a very similar sound to that of mainstream pop giants Maroon 5, which must be a comfortable sound to sit with, however all a little to recycled. Lyrically the song shows a desperate side to Roche. We hit the chorus and he is pleading with us with the hook “I’m hoping it might kick start, Me and My Broken Heart”. It’s insanely catchy and will no doubt ring around your head for the rest of your day.  Whether this is down to cracking songwriting, or to the sheer amount of times the chorus is used, you’ll have to decide. The song plays out rather repetitively in current pop fashion and is at times rather forgetful.

Me And My Broken Heart is a good debut effort from the Manchester based lads, and showcases the bands ability to write for the mainstream audience. They have in some ways managed to deliver with their vision of their sound. The song is big, powerful and delivered with soul, however it does all feel a little too familiar with other artists currently riding over the airwaves.

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