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Single Review: Rita Ora – ‘Body On Me’ feat. Chris Brown

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Everyone knows Rita Ora as the stellar voice that often appears as a featured singer on popular tracks with various artists. The British songstress has been trying her hardest to get her break into the American Music Scene for some time now, but unfortunately her solo stuff never seems to meet the mark. It’s been three years since Rita Ora debuted her first album Ora and now the 24 year old has plans to finally release her sophomore album. While there is no title or release date the second single Body On Me was just released and it’s a duet with none other than R&B-Pop bad-boy Chris Brown.

Rita Ora - Body On MeOra and Brown were aiming for a fun and sexy song for the summer but it kind of missed that mark. Body On Me is full of pop synth mixed with heavy trancelike R&B drumbeats and unmemorable lyrics. While the title insinuated we were about to get all hot and bothered, you’re not feeling the heat you’re going to cool right off. It’s not the sensual track full of passion and romance that you’d expect from this pair; it’s just another pop song. Its unfortunate though that this single isn’t a stronger duet production wise because the vocal chemistry between these two is absolutely insane.

Body On Me should have stayed in the middle of the track list – it’s just not lead single material. Although it will probably gain traction in the video charts when it’s officially released, if it’s as steamy as promised, but it’ll be for the sex factor and not for an epic song. Rita Ora has such strong smooth vocals that do dominate in live performances, but this new track is so overworked that it’s a bit of a slap in the face to her talents.